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20+   years in the market
About us
We have been conducting quantitative and qualitative research projects since 2004: face-to-face, online, and CATI
Project geography
Nationwide: Russia’s major cities and cities up to 100 000
Research target audiences
Doctors, pharmacists, patients as well as medicine shoppers, KOLs and purchasing agents
Our solutions
Brand and strategy
  • Brand health (BHT)
  • Consumer behavior (U&A, CJM)
  • Patient segmentation
  • Segmentation for doctors and pharmacists
  • Business sources evaluation
  • Observed shopping trips in pharmacies
Communication effectiveness
  • Medical representatives performance check (RepCheck)
  • Multi-channel promotion
  • Ad testing
  • Mystery shopper
Product and pricing
  • Pricing research (iPrize, Conjoint, PSM)
  • Concepts, creative ideas, and packaging testing
UX testing
  • UI in websites and mobile applications
Online panel and questionnaire programming
  • Online medical panel (doctors, pharmacists, medical staff)
  • Panel-based express surveys (from problem to solution in 7 days)
Syndicate projects
  • Promotional activity by players - DocTrek, PharmTrek
  • Independent rating of professional resources for doctors and pharmacists
Online panel
Largest specialized online medical panel in Russia
  • Panelist validation carried out annually
  • Fast research: collecting data at short notice
  • Transparent pricing and prompt quoting
The panel currently features more than 50 000 panelists. These are doctors of various specialties, pharmacists, nurses
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